Peter Greer – Basketmaker

I have been  making willow baskets in Onekaka, Golden Bay for more than 30 years. The ancient craft of basketry has long intrigued me. With natural materials and few tools I can produce beautiful, functional items. In an ever complex world it is very grounding to get back to  basics and hand make a product that is both eco friendly and useful.

Each basket is unique, handcrafted using  traditional techniques. All are made from basket willow grown, harvested and processed on my property at Onekaka, Golden Bay, New Zealand. It is extremely satisfying to produce something  non toxic which has a very small carbon footprint. Indeed my willow plantation is a genuine carbon sink and the baskets themselves are made from plants that have been busy sequestering  carbon  all year, and since the baskets are built to last, that has to be good for the planet. That is an extra feel good bonus when you purchase a basket.

Strong and durable my baskets often become the workhorses of the household and are  treasured for their good looks.

Willow works baskets are now available online at my Etsy store. You can purchase using a credit card or pay pal. Click here to Visit the Store.

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