The Harvest

The English osier or basket willow which I grow on my property at Onekaka, Golden Bay is the same basket willow that has been grown in Europe and the UK for centuries, it is well suited to basketry.

We cut the willows in the winter, an occassion when friends and neighbours gather for
a day of harvesting and feasting.

The rods are roughly sorted, some are stored and used au natureil with the bark on and the
rest of the crop is processsed in one of the following ways.
Рboiled for 12 hours before the bark is removed, the tannins  stain the willow to produce BUFFS
– boiled for just 2 hours and the bark left on, STEAMED WILLOW a red/black rod results
– stood in water until leaves appear, then stripped to produce WHITES
The willow is thouroughly dried, sorted and stored.

I have estimated that each piece of willow has been handled at least 20 times by the time it is made into a basket.

The harvest







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